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Brent Rolland
Web Designer/ Resident Deejay


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I have been nurtured as a Chicagoan for the past twenty-one years. A south-sider with a north-side state of mind, I wanted to pursue a career in the fine arts. My penchant for computers led me to the International Academy of Design and Technology, where I graduated in June 2005 with a BFA in Multimedia Production and Design. Being the valedictorian of my class was an unexpected and self-awe-inspiring moment: I did not think that staying long hours and losing desirable amounts of sleep would generate such a marvelous jackpot. Although my undergraduate schooling is said and done, I did not want to put my laurels to rest.

My colleague and cohort David Schmüdde recommended a certain firm with a fruity name—in the connotation of produce, that is. It was his recommendation of Fig Media Incorporated that led me to the grand position that I currently possess. Initially, I was a part of Fig's design internship program, and successfully completed my three hundred hours of service. One day, the sharp, unyielding teeth of the deejay bug bit me, and I have been intoxicated ever since. Music is a highly significant part of my life: Before Fig, I played drums, wrote song lyrics, and collected albums. It was never an ambition of mine to become a deejay, but for all the victorious, memorable gigs I have partaken in and the numerous smiles, hugs, and thank-you's I have received for my performances, I do not have any regrets with my decision.

What I love most about this profession is the humanitarian aspect it possesses. Being a deejay is a philanthropic, therapeutic thing for me, as I use music to create distinct atmospheres and to generally make people feel good. That is, according to the Bible, the main reason we are here on this earth. I have a wide array of genres that I enjoy, with emphasis on old school R&B, soul, funk, classic and smooth jazz, '80s/New Wave, and ambient/downtempo electronica. The main category of music that I highly favor is Japanese pop and rock, as well as songs from anime series. I simply adore this drug—er, I mean, music!

In addition, being in this line of work is appreciable for the emcee opportunities that I receive. My voice is a gift that I share along with my music, and I feel great when I am able to be with the crowd, rather than consistently locked behind the digital turntables. Through Fig, I have been able to share my talents and strengthen my skills and creativity in multiple media disciplines, and I always look forward to the next celebrations that are in my future.

Here are a few of the venues and events that I have participated in:
- Rogers Park World Music Festival (September 2006; emcee/world music deejay)
- Temple Shalom (October 2006, Mod Deal deejay)
- The Sears Tower (October 2006, emcee/deejay)
- Mane Event Bridal Boutique (August and November 2006, emcee/deejay)
- A New Leaf (various receptions in 2006, emcee/deejay)
-The Museum of Contemporary Art (September and October 2006, emcee/deejay)

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